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Get your yourself, your team and your company on the path to success

Executive Coaching.     Leadership Development.     Facilitation.

"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate; our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It's our light and not our darkness that frightens us." 

Marianne Williamson


One’s leadership journey (personal or professional) is analogous to looking through a kaleidoscope.  Every turn of the outer ring presents a new combination of what is and what could be:  insights, relationships, and opportunities. 


It is our vision to combine knowledge and insights to encourage a leader to hold the eyepiece of their kaleidoscope steady.  We enable and support examining the changing and nuanced patterns.  Further, we coach to integrate those reflections and insights into meaningful leadership goals and plans in their leadership journey.

  • Executive Coaching                     (MBA program participants, short and long-term organizational individual, team coaching, boards)

  • Leadership Development                   (workshops, cohort-based programs, team and/or group leadership development)

  • Facilitation                                                  (team activities, strategic planning, department or divisional workshops)

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