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Principal in the Korn Ferry Advisory Practice (2008-2020), based out of the Firm's Chicago office, owned my own consulting business (Wooden & Associates, 1996-2008) and worked 5 years with Lore International Institute. I have delivered coaching and leadership development programs for every level of leader, across industries and professional associations.  Every leader struggles with the challenge of managing the complexity of their career.  Our Leadership Development programs and Coaching address those unique challenges of where you are and where you need to be.  We work as a talent partner with leaders every step of the way.

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Leaders exist at all levels of the organization.  Every leader, regardless of position, strives to make a difference and to contribute in a unique and important way. 

Leadership development supports the emergence and articulation of one's mission by embodying the four universally important characteristics that leaders need to BE  to become enablers of progress, transformation and growth:


  • BE VITAL - the capacity to live and develop

  • BE AUTHENTIC -  demonstrate behavioral integrity

  • BE LEARNING AGILE - willing and able to learn from experience and apply that successfully under new or first-time conditions

  • BE SELF-AWARE - being in tune with one's own strengths and developmental needs 

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