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A. Glenn Kiser, Founder and Managing Director of Next Chapter Coaching and Development, brings 40 years of experience of coaching and developing leaders, the past 15 years with a global talent and strategy consulting firm.  The purpose of Next Chapter Coaching and Development is to enable leaders, teams and organizations to lead from purpose to close the gap between current performance and potential. His vast international experience and 40 years of coaching and developing leaders includes working with first level managers to C-suite executives.  Author of Masterful Facilitation:  Becoming a Catalyst for Meaningful Change, Glenn is a recognized leader, coach and facilitator in managing change, organizational culture analysis and change.  As an example, he has led the development of high potential business unit leaders of a Japanese-American consumer products company, improved the accountability and sustainability of business unit leadership behaviors in a global technology company, and assessed, coached and facilitated action learning projects for leaders in a post-merger medical device company.
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Kathy Uroda is a leadership development specialist, executive coach and instructional designer. 

Kathy specializes in leading large-scale leadership development initiatives that integrate assessments, classroom learning, technology-enabled learning, action learning, and coaching. Her award-winning work incorporates the latest thought leadership and innovative learning methodologies to produce events that have engaged, inspired, and transformed leaders across the world.  Drawing on her extensive international business experience, Kathy has coached leaders from around the world to develop their cultural agility and adapt their leadership styles to the demands of a changing workforce.  She has lived in India and Singapore and worked with clients of more than 60 different nationalities in 30 countries.  Kathy was instrumental in developing the Korn Ferry Navigator™ development program, which won the Bersin & Associates’ Innovation in Learning and Talent Management award.

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